Vegan Brown Gravy

As the weather is getting cooler here, I got a craving for dressing! I made southern cornbread dressing with apple and sage Field Roast grain meat sausage this past weekend. I also like to have it with cranberry sauce on the side, but my Mom had requested gravy so I gave Brian the challenge of making vegan gravy from scratch.  It came out great and was so delicious!!


2 1/2 Tbs vegan butter substitute

1/4 cup flour

1 1/2 cup vegetable broth

1 Tbs soy sauce

1 Tbs Worcestershire sauce

1/2 tsp poultry seasoning

1/4 tsp pepper


1. Melt butter in small sauce pan.
2. Whisk in flour and cook  for about 1 minute.
3. Add broth, soy sauce, Worcestershire, poultry seasoning and pepper.
4. Stir until you achieve desired thickness.
5. Serve warm.


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