Unexpected Social Experiment

For the past three summers we have made it a tradition to dye our hair fun colors. In the past we really haven’t noticed much reaction from other people, but this year we seem to be getting a lot of attention over our hair color.

We recently went to the Museum of Natural Science and had six people come up to us to comment on our hair. Most of them said they liked the “family hair” or thought it was cool. One guy even asked if he could take a picture of us. Some how we became one of the attractions at the museum! Not all of the attention has been positive, though. We have had some really nasty looks from people. I had one lady just stare at me. When I made eye contact with her she just shook her head at me in disapproval. I was shocked! (Especially because of the fact that the lady was dressed pretty inappropriate for being so over weight, yet she was shaking her head at me just because I have hot pink hair). I was looking at something with the kids and Brian had walked off to take a picture of something else. When I looked up a woman close to where he was grabbed her daughter and pulled her closer to her once she saw Brian.  What was that about? Yes he has a mohawk that is bright yellow, but he’s not a child predator.  I’ve had different people ask me if I’m worried about what people will think about me.  No, I’m really not. With some many things to be serious about now a days, I don’t think that hair color is one of them. I don’t think that by having an unnatural hair color that it means anything bad. It’s just fun!  It doesn’t mean that someone isn’t intelligent, caring, nice, loving, respectable or a descent human being.  Obviously there are still some negative stereotypes associated with having unusual hair styles, unless your a movie star or rock star. I think more people should lighten up and have fun with their hair color, after all it can easily be dyed back to a “normal” color.


We use Manic Panic hair dye. It’s a cream style, so it’s easy to work with. It’s semi-permanent and gradually fades every time your wash it.

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  1. Manic Panic says:

    Thanks for the awesome blog post♥

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