Frustration and Headache

We are still dealing with our share of challenges with our diet choices. I feel like I’m getting disrespect when it comes to my children. This past weekend my parents came over to visit. My mom brought the kids a variety of individual snack size potato chips (Doritos nacho cheese , Doritos cool ranch, Cheetos, etc…). We didn’t say anything and allowed our kids to have one each, but then she made the comment, “I know they don’t get to eat the flavor chips that they like so I thought we would bring them some”. I didn’t want to get into an argument, so I didn’t say anything but I was upset. No, my kids don’t usually get those chips because they are full of crap and aren’t nutritional.  My 6 years old daughter and 4 years old son didn’t even eat the whole bag of snack size chips because they didn’t like the way they tasted. I just feel like it’s a slap in the face when my parents, mainly my mom, acts like the kids are deprived because we don’t give them junk food.

Brian made a vegan chocolate peanut butter cake to celebrate our daughter’s 6th birthday and for Mother’s Day. My parents ate some and my mom said several times how good it was. The minute I told her it was vegan she curled her lip and said “I thought it was, that’s why it was hard and dry”. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! She didn’t say one negative thing about the cake until she knew it was vegan. She ate her piece of cake fast and even asked if there was more.

Today I took my daughter a birthday treat for her class to share. The teacher knows that we eat healthy and I’ve had to ask her several times not to give my daughter gold fish crackers and cheesy puff balls during class snack. I send her with her own snack daily anyway. So today when I take in a bowl of snacks she says, “Oh, well I’m sure it’s something healthy like fruit or veggies so we can have it during snack time this morning”. She said it in a rather snotty tone. It was homemade cranberry walnut oatmeal cookies (which I’ll post the recipe later, because they are delicious).

I’m just very frustrated with how people seem to be lately.


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  1. VeggiePunk says:

    Many people don’t understand and don’t try to understand our perspective on food.

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