DIY Recycled Bird Feeder

I was sitting this morning and watching all of the birds in the backyard and decided to see what I could find in the the recycling bin to make a new bird feeder.


  • Milk or juice carton with twist off lid ( I used almond milk carton)

  • Small dowel or stick (I used a small piece of bamboo)

  • string or wire for hanging

  • plastic tray from frozen dinner


  • knife

  • glue gun

  • funnel for filling your new feeder


1.   Wash and dry carton and tray

2.   Cut two small triangle holes, about 1/2″  in opposites sides of the carton.

3.   Cut small holes at the top of the carton for the dowel with your knife.  The holes do not have to be exactly lined up but try to get it as close as possible.  I used the seam where the top is sealed as a reference point.

4.  Insert dowel through holes


5.   Glue the tray to the bottom of the carton.   Make sure that the holes face the wider part of the tray to collect the


6.  Attach your string or wire to the dowel.   Since, I used the hollow bamboo I just feed my wire through the middle of it and tied a knot.

7.   Use the funnel to fill the feeder.

8.  Find a good place to hang your new feeder and wait for your feathered friends to show up.


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